The recycling bin is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if the bin is not full. If the bin is full, please call (734) 429-9073 to report.  Please take recycling back home and wait until bin has been emptied to recycle (this may take 2-3 days).

Please do not litter at the township hall. Never leave recycling outside of the bin.

A proof of residency is required to recycle

Recycling Bin is located at: Saline Township Hall 5731 Braun Road

Please note: The Saline Township Hall is not a dump. The recycling service is to recycle very specific items which are listed. The township does not provide trash removal services at the township hall. If an item is not on the list, DO NOT leave it at the Saline Township Hall.


  • Paper and newspaper
  • Cardboard (please break down all boxes to save space)
  • Glass and colored glass
  • Tin


  • Feed bags, of any type, are not acceptable
  • Syringes and or needles
  • Paint cans (full or empty)
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic bags (of any type are not recyclable)
  • Child car seats
  • Swimming pool liners
  • Liquid of any type
  • Building materials
  • Aquariums, etc.
  • Lawn mowers, snow blowers, small engines, etc.
  • Mattresses/ Rusty mattress springs


Saline Township 2024 Annual Clean-Up NOTICE:

Annual Clean-Up will be held on September 14, 2024
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 1:55 p.m. or until trucks are full. Trucks must leave at 2:00 p.m. sharp!

Location: 5731 Braun Rd.

This event is available to Saline Township residents only.

**Proof of Saline Township residency required to participate **

Note: Stevens Disposal is the new vendor for the 2024 Saline Township Clean-up. Stevens Disposal personnel have final say in accepting items (except tire recycling) at the annual event.

Important change: All general trash and other debris material must be in cans, bags, boxes or bundles so an individual can handle the trash/debris. Miscellaneous material MUST be in a container.


  • Household rubbish and discards
  • Old furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Iron, including appliances, furnaces, farm equipment​

Will not accept:

  • 55-gallon drums
  • Burn Barrels
  • Tar
  • Items that are moldy or contain vermin excrement
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Batteries
  • Fencing
  • Tree stumps
  • Large car parts
  • Construction and demolition waste (drywall, concrete, wood, bricks, roofing shingles, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste (CHEMICALS LIQUID OR DRY OR ASBESTOS ETC.) or special waste (CONTAMINATED) material to be hauled.
  • Compressed content tanks (GAS OR OTHER).
    For the safety of the workers, do not bring items that are moldy or contain vermin excrement.
    **Proof of Saline Township residency required **

​Tire recycling will be available at the September 14, 2024 clean-up. This year the following tire limits will be accepted from each residence at no charge to the resident:
4 passenger (car/pick up tires) on rim or off rim
2 tractor tires on rim or off rim
4 semi tires on rim or off rim
2 oversized tires on rim or off rim
4 skid tires on rim or off rim

There will be a charge for additional tires outside of above limits. Staff working the at the event will have final say for charge for tires. Payment is expected at time of tire drop-off. Cash or check only. Check made out to Saline Township. Receipt provided.

Tire pricing for 2024:

Car Tires Off Rim: $2.50 each
Car Tires On Rim: $3.50 each
Semi Tires/ 17.5” and larger: $15.00 each off Rim
Semi Tires/ 17.5” and larger: $17.00 each on Rim
Oversized Tractor and Loader Tires: Start at $20 and go up depending on size and tire.
Skid steer off rim $5.00
Skid steer on rim $8.00

Water Resources Announces the 2024 County Clean-Up Day Schedule

County Clean-Up Days provide Washtenaw County residents with a way to recycle and dispose of many household items including:

  • electronics
  • household hazardous waste
  • bulky waste
  • appliances
  • scrap tires

Clean Up-Days are held in different locations spread out around Washtenaw County. Washtenaw County residents may attend any of the events.

Registration will be required to attend any County Clean-Up Day event

  • June 15 – Augusta Township            Registration opens May 6
  • June 29 – Northfield Township          Registration opens May 20
  • July 27 – Pittsfield Township             Registration opens June 17
  • August 24 – City of Ypsilanti             Registration opens July 15

Register at:

* Pesticides are accepted regardless of residency or use.

Washtenaw County Area Recycling Links

Washtenaw County Home Toxics Center & County Clean Up Days

  • The Home Toxics Center allows residents to dispose of or recycle items like paints, household cleaners, automotive fluids, and more. Visit for information on how to access the program and what materials are accepted.
  • County Clean Up Days provide recycling options for a variety of hard-to-recycle materials, typically including electronics, some appliances, foam packaging, tires, and bulky waste. Events differ on materials accepted, see specific event flyer for details and visit for more information and to find event schedules.
  • Washtenaw County maintains a hotline at (734) 222-3950 to call for more information.


Please note: Solid Waste Services are not provided by Saline Township

Saline Township Residents are responsible for securing their own waste hauler or trash company to remove daily/weekly household trash.